Who is CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC?


CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC


CSVentures USA

also known as

“Creative Systems”

The Nations Leading Multi-Faceted Consulting Agency.


CSVentures Consulting (CSV) is a multi-faceted consulting firm. Our unique combination of  Subject Matter Specialist (Consultants) got together and combined their expertise forming CSVentures Consulting. CS is stands for Creative Systems. CSVentures Specializes in Brand development, Mobile App  and Software development, Advertising, Entertainment Marketing, Fashions, Digital Media Marketing, Cyber Security as well as Advanced Security Training.

CSVentures research division is regarded as one of the leading research agencies, specializing in objective analyses of Veteran, Racial and Ethnic economic inequality.  The Firm is currently gathering information to help determine the degree to which inequality affects contracting opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged groups in the region.

Our brands include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wet Life Apparel and Water Sports. WetLifeUSA.com
  • The Atlanta Peach Magazine and MoSouth Music (Digital Publication and Music Distribution and Promotions) TheAtlantaPeachMagazine.com.
  • Black Time Magazine, “Experience The Elegance.”  www.BlackTieMagazine.online
  • EGames Worldwide, online games of skill not chance. EGamesWorldWide.com
  • Strike Force 57, Security Consulting and Training, A.R.T. (Advanced Reactionary Training).
  • The Power Exchange, Small Business development, Workshops, specializing in creative funding, marketing strategies, Power Networking and more.

Our services include; Advanced Security Training, Human Performance Techniques Training (Sales, Customer Service and Marketing), Public Relations, Digital Film and Music Distribution, Promotions, Marketing, Advertising, App development and Concert/Event planning and promotions. Our goal is to provide the best experience to our clients they could ever imagine.

“There’s no finish line to Success.”

Strong corporate governance and strong ethical conduct are the founding principals of our company. We firmly believe that there is a genuine connection between these principles and our performance.


Consultants reviewing a final product for a client.
Consultants reviewing a final product for a client.

Music/Artists Promotions: Over the years our firm has establish strong relationships with Major Record Labels. If your musical project is competitive, distribution with Major Record Labels are available only if needed. In today’s digital world distribution should be your first choice when publishing your musical project verses the controversial “360 Deals.”


Vice President of Fashions, Music Promotions and Distribution Litron Hawkins




Our locations:

(by appointment only)

Main Office:
CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC
4445 Corporation Lane
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Toll Free: 888-650-1110
Office: 757-356-5711
Fax: 757-687-0702

CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC
440 Monticello Ave.
Suite 1800
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
Emails: Join@ThePowerExchangeClub.com 

We make projects fun.
The Power Behind Your Project. The Power Exchange.  


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Fingerhut. The best place to start over. Credit repair made easy.