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Clarence “Khalil” Neely

CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC  was founded by Clarence Neely . Also known to many as “Khalil” and to some he’s considered a genius, “the Big Idea Guy.”  He is a retired Senior Enlisted Member of the United States Coast Guard. After retirement he decided to switch gears and go to work in the Entertainment Industry as a Publicist and Marketing Executive. He spent many years writing articles for Magazines, Promoting Concerts and Events and has worked with some of the biggest names in Show business such as; Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, the list goes on.  His journey in the Entertainment Industry didn’t come without its challenges. As the industry became digitized the Music Industry began to lose sales, this included concert ticket sales. This caused Him to have to result to drastic measures and downsize. In addition, many business relationships went south. Because of His winning Spirit and Positive approach to the most negative situations he was able to bounce back and rebuild many of those business relationships and learn the new Digital World.


The CEO, CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC, Clarence “Khalil” Neely

During his transition he went back to his professional roots and got acquainted with the Private Security Contracting Industry and took on Clients such as the STIHL Corporation a German Company Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. There he oversaw the Security Operations for a Fortune 500 Company as a Watch Commander and was promoted to Lieutenant. After a successful run with STIHL, he took on a Job with the Department of Homeland Security as a Force Protection Officer. His experience in the Private Security Industry as well as 20 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Coast Guard helped him created Strike Force 57, which is a new addition to the Consulting Firm. Strike Force 57 will be the Security Consulting and Training Element for CSVentures Consulting 57 LLC.  Now that he’s somewhat acquainted  with the Digital World, the primary focus of the Firm will be APP Development, Digital Media Management, Software Development, Fashions, Digital Music/Film Publishing & Distribution and Strategic Marketing & Sales Training.


The Power Exchange the firm’s business directory is a result of a growing social network of over 100,000 followers which was created over the years of transitioning.  This will allow the Firm to offer free advertising to its clients and members.  “This is going to be a Powerful Venture,” is His favorite quote leading up to his new venture as CEO.





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